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Backwoods Brewers Homebrew Club
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 Meeting Minutes 

Backwoods Brewers Homebrew Club Meeting 08/19/01

Attendees: Billy Doerrer
Kurt Waldhauser
Mike Nowak
Curt Alfredo
Rich Alfredo

1st meeting discussion included talk about what to brew first and scheduling our brews. It was decided that we would brew an IPA and would be brewed on Saturday afternoon the first Saturday after Labor Day. The first brewing session will be at Rich As. Discussion continued with the topic of Dues. It was decided that dues would be 20 dollars per month and would cover one bulk grain purchase that would be approximately 1200 to 1500 lbs of grain. The typical grain bill will include:
2 row
6 row
Wheat malt
Black Patent
Cara Pils
Roast Barley

Additional dues will be applied towards either a regional brewery tour or a local city pub crawl. This will be decided once the kitty is established post grain purchase. Billy will act as treasurer. So far 120 dollars in the pot. September will be the target for the grain purchase. If the grain supply dwindles we will arrange for additional purchases. We will shoot to brew at one location every week.

Minutes taken by Rich Alfredo



In this area, we might mention the date of the next meeting.